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You have transcended into the exclusive GALLERY of SCARYMARY who with maturity and wisdom has evolved into MADAME EVOL. 

Witch Doctor by soul, proliferous creator, by night, and when the moon is right, she is the FEMME FATAL, Erotic Artist MADAME EVOL. 

 You have found the secret door to her world! You are on the right track! you are searching for the answer, her sacred feminine wisdom will excite you through her otherworldly and inter-dimensional visions in expressionism surreal abstract & Erotic Art.

Why Collect SCARYMARY?

RECENTLY, in Jan. of 2023, SCARYMARY HAS WON A PRESTIGIOUS AWARD CERTIFICATE FROM THE LUXEMBOURG ART CONTEST making her ART MUSEUM WORTHY!  SCARYMARY the EVOL Empress, is no mediocre ARTIST, as winner of the Artistic Achievement AWARD, A Pinacotheque awards certificate, in recognition of their high artistic quality as recognized by the museum, and Collector #Hervelancelin  for her work "Spirit Warrior, Raven and Owl Goddess.

 If this very prestigious collector has awarded this Artist, then don't you think YOU should start collecting SCARYMARY EVOL ART?

Her Masterpieces are empowered by her High Spiritual Energy, as she has proven herself as an ancient power and Medium,  whom holds recorded power over the occulted realms. This is viewable at her channel :

"ACCESS EVOL is your chance to EVOLVE at an exponential rate, forgoing thousands of wasted lifetimes! For seeing is believing, and Here you view actual live videos, of my interaction with other worldly beings, and Metaphysical phenomenon.  You will see the magic and power that the transcended human holds over her universe. This information is critical to Your EVOL-ution humans, for revealed will be the powers of humankind! I'm going for CRITICAL MASS by evolving millions, which will propel all nations toward PEACE.  so PLEASE, I need each and every one of you to tune in!" EE 

She enlightens and empowers humans through  her Sacred Text, which carries the secret to soul Ignition and Transcendence.  Through her 60 min. Of EVOL, spoken word live or CD, containing 7 min. Meditational readings, from her SACRED TEXT; EMPRESS EVOL MISTRESS OF THE DARK MATTER. (release TBA)

Her store MAGIC TEMPLE, is the best and only place on line, to purchase her customized, PERSONALIZED and SIGNED works!  You may be directed to The EVOL HOTLINE, so that you may speak with the Empress, so that she MAY work her MAGIC, dismissing your demons and darkness, and changing your luck.

Her UNIQUE ART is BLESSED to provide a PORTAL to the highest dimensions, wherever it hangs.  

spread the word of EVOL, and both receive a 20% discount on your purchase, when both you and a friend buy a piece.  

rejoice in her WISDOM. ( knowledge is LIGHT). Rejoice in Your Powers.  Rejoice in the NOW.


each piece comes with the Luxembourg Certificate

5 STARS! MARVELOUS, Titillating, and wonderful. A Must Read!!! Total enlightenment with wit and cerebral intrigue. Masterpiece with prose, reflection and wonderment.

local Super-hero

This book is the most powerful book I have read! I can't put it down 

Local Roman
Disciple of EVOL

I'm in love with her Sacred Text! I stuck on mini purple Universes floating above her MAGIC hands, and the flickering LIGHTS within! 

Amanda Mitchell
LA, Cali

"This book has touched my soul and left me yearning for more. Oh the wonders of our magical lives!"

Mourning Death



The Empress Evol

Instead of using her Masters degree in Science, she centered her attention on her creative self, forgoing the structured work life, for the STARVING ARTIST lifestyle, that demands courage and discipline. She continued to be successful in her true love of CREATION in the fine arts, that soon drives her ever forward to NYC in 1989, and later to NOLA outdoor Markets, at Tower Record NYC, and the French Quarter Market, painting 1000s of washable ART, on hand-painted tees, macabre and humorous works, and selling them herself. Her ART is worn by MTV stars, famous Actors, and on the bodies of many a Rock Star. During that time she finished her book "GOOD DOG" 1991, and the good dog character then became the star of several Covers of ELEKTRA RECORD RELEASE Albums and Tapes, and their Record Release magazine. Her antics also got her published in the NY Village Voice in 1991.

She went on to show her amazing ART in many a South Florida underground events, along with performing and singing in her poetic deep Gothic, opera style, in her band SCARYMARY's EVOLPET professing the word of EVOL

Her paintings were featured in 2017, with an exclusive interview in the International magazines out of Dublin Ireland, TEN; the Noir issue #15. 

EVOL ART was also published in the Gambit of New Orleans, International Art Magazine, and in Buenos Aires BSAS. She is a famous worldwide female "Badass" as her antics earned her publication in several Village Voice, and New Times articles.

SCARYMARY is a published multi-media artist since 1984. She directed several movies through her career, two stellar 1980's cult classics, (with never before seen footage of the young Empress, in real GOTHIC times) Both written up in the University Newspaper, Florida Flambeau(see Articles). creative, surreal, dream like movies: Atropa Belladonna and The Electric Nun. One debuted as the opening act for Henry Rollins, BLACK FLAG circa 1986. SCARYMARY also starred in a LECk KOWALSKI FILM in 2006 playing "herself" in A diary of a Married Man, proving herself to be a good actress.


Interested in Purchasing an ORIGINAL? Send all inquiries to EMPRESSEVOL@GMAIL.COM

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ask her for the EVOL HOTLINE

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